by evelyn frances


to the trees

to the places untouched, if any

to the beings we cannot hear quite clearly or quite yet

you keep on

we’ll catch up with you one day, i promise


all songs written by evelyn horan

produced by evelyn horan and phil joly

recorded and mixed by phil joly at electric lady studios and shifted recording, new york city

mastered by heba kadry at timeless mastering, new york city

vocals, guitars, piano, flute, organ, synths, hand claps, foot stomps, noise making by evelyn horan

bass, mbira, organ, piano string plucking by spencer murphy

mellotron, synths, drum programming by phil joly

synth on treehouse palace by matthew politoski

rain percussion on bye bye baby by fran vielma

bass on bye bye baby by shareef kpakpo addo

vocal recording engineering on bye bye baby by andrew seltzer

album artwork by alex chowaniec

album artwork graphic editing by milan moffatt